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We are still looking for Diamond, Gold, Cocktail, Silver and Bronze Sponsors.

Do you know of anyone, or does your company want to support by sponsoring the conference? Excellent opportunity for learning and connecting with the agile and scrum community, making it a popular, highly anticipated event in the calendar.

As sponsor, your message is viewed and captured by scrum and agile community members from every level of the organisation.

The event attracts top-level international and local speakers, who also enjoy large social media followings.

Sponsorship Options

Features Diamond
R60 000
R53 000
R37 000
R27 000
R16 000
Complimentary Scrum Gathering ZA tickets 3 3 2 2 1
Assigned a committee member liaison
Logo on recognition page – SUGSA & SGZA website T T
Logo on SGZA bag (with Scrum Alliance & SUGSA)
Accommodation: A complimentary room for two nights
Add Promotional Flyer Into SGZA Bag
Add branded Gifts/Voucher Into The SGZA Bag
Verbal Recognition at SGZA Opening
Logo On Presentation at SGZA Opening D G S S B
Logo on Announcements
Logo on Programme
Speaking Slot (90 Sec) at SGZA Opening + Closing
Pre-SGZA – sponsor recognition: Twitter + LinkedIn (Logo only) 2 2 1
Pre-, during + post- SGZA: social media promotion (E.G. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack)
Table in designated sponsor area 4 2 2 1 1
Display branded pull-up banners in designated area 2 2 1 1 1
Delegate Prize Draw at SGZA Closing (Prizes to be supplied by the sponsor)
Post-SGZA – Sponsor Thank You: Twitter + LinkedIn (Logo Only) 1 1 1 S 1 S


D Diamond Sponsor alone G Each GOLD sponsor alone   S With all SILVER sponsors   B With all BRONZE sponsors   T 100 character sponsor text included



Audience 250+

Scrum Masters
Product Owners
Agile Coaches
…and more

Why Support SGZA?

– Connect with the Scrum and Agile community
– Keep your brand front-of-mind
– Support learning for your team
– Promote your products and services
– Connect with your future team members
– Enable volunteer committee to deliver world-class event


For more information please contact info@sugsa.org.za