Scrum Gathering®

February 25 - 26, 2021. Cape Town, South Africa

Terms and Conditions for speakers at the Regional Scrum Gathering® South Africa

SUGSA’s mission is to embrace simplicity within the Agile space. We aim to create opportunities for learning, sharing, and connecting, in support of a healthy, vibrant community of users of Agile and lightweight software development methods and processes. SUGSA is a non-profit group, run by a committee of volunteers.

This document details the SUGSA committee’s expectations of speakers at the conference (speakers and workshop facilitators will be referred to as ‘speakers’ throughout this document). Please get in touch with us on should you have any concerns or questions relating to this document.

General code of conduct

  • SUGSA is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion (or lack thereof). All speakers are expected to adhere to SUGSA’s Code of Conduct:

Accommodation and Travel

  • SUGSA will arrange and pay for accommodation for the main speaker for each session (workshop, talks, and lightning talks) for 2 nights of the conference. These 2 nights will be limited to the nights of Wednesday 24 February and Thursday 25 February and a single room will be selected. This accommodation and travel allowance is not exchangeable for other dates or persons, nor is it exchangeable for cash.
  • For local speakers (within SA), excluding lightning talks - SUGSA will reimburse travel costs (flights, taxis etc.) up to the value of R3000. Receipts will be required for all reimbursement costs.
  • For international speakers (outside SA), excluding lightning talks - SUGSA will reimburse travel costs (flights, taxis etc.) up to the value of R22 000. Receipts will be required for all reimbursement costs.
  • For lightning talk speakers - SUGSA will reimburse travel costs (flights, taxis etc.) up to the value of R1000. Receipts will be required for all reimbursement costs.
  • Speakers who do not reside in the same city as the conference are requested to arrive the night before the conference so that they are able to attend both days. Should this not be possible, please make alternative arrangements with a SUGSA committee member.
  • Reimbursement will be issued per accepted session, not per speaker. For co-speakers, this means that travel costs and accommodation will need to be shared.
  • Reimbursement process:
    • In order for reimbursements to be paid, a travel invoice will need to be submitted to SUGSA for processing. The original invoice from the travel provider is a regulatory requirement necessary for us to release foreign payments.
    • Reimbursements will only be processed after the completion of the conference.
    • Speakers should have submitted reimbursement claims no later than 14 days after the conference.
    • Any claims received after the cut-off date may experience delays in processing.

Community Involvement

  • Our speakers are an important part of our community. As such, we expect speakers to attend and participate, as much as possible, during the conference.
  • While we do not expect speakers to attend every session, we request speakers to be at the opening and closing Keynotes, as well as being available to the community for the duration of the 2-day conference (whether that be by attending sessions or finding alternative mechanisms to connect with the community during the conference).
  • The Speakers’ Dinner is held the night before the conference begins, with speakers, committee members, and sponsors, at SUGSA’s cost. It is requested that speakers make themselves available for this, or agree to alternative arrangements with a committee member.

During Workshops or Talks

  • By agreeing to speak at the Regional Scrum Gathering® South Africa, speakers consent to having a committee member introduce them to the audience and to ensure that the session remains on schedule. This includes the use of visual cues (printed flashcards) to indicate progress against the scheduled end time, and bringing the session to a close if the speaker does not do so timeously. For either format, we recommend allocating the last 15 minutes for questions and answers from the audience. We pride ourselves on hosting a conference where all speakers respect each other and the audience, allowing us to run on schedule.
  • SUGSA will provide the following stationery and supplies:
    • Stickies (Post-it notes)
    • Markers
    • AV facilities
    • Flipcharts, 1 per room
    • Tech connections
  • It is expected that the talk or workshop that the speaker gives remains aligned to the content and structure as submitted in their proposal, and accepted onto the program. We request that as a speaker, you pay careful attention to this as conference attendees make selections for talks they would like to attend based on the information submitted and published.
  • If a speaker would like us to share their slides with our community following the conference, we require the slides within two working days from the last day of the conference.
  • SUGSA will collect feedback after the talk or workshop. The feedback will be shared with the speaker following the conference.
  • SUGSA acknowledges and appreciates the contributions made by the speaker(s) and their companies that contribute to the success of our community. Speakers will be allowed to mention their Company and Agile-related products, books, and services as part of their introduction, however, extended sales-pitches disguised as sessions are not welcome.


  • Due to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic and the associated regulations put in place by the South African Government, SUGSA will make the final decision to continue hosting the conference by no later than 1 December 2020.
  • We, therefore, advise that all travel and accommodation be booked after 1 December 2020.
  • If government legislation does not allow public gatherings or the committee and/or venue is unable to safely host all attendees by 1 December 2020, the event will be cancelled.
  • In the event that Regional Scrum Gathering South Africa 2021 needs to be cancelled due to the above reason after 1 December 2020, SUGSA will issue travel and accommodation reimbursement up to the amounts specified in “Accommodation and Travel” for any travel booked after such date.