Regional Scrum Gathering® South Africa

Live, online 3 – 4 March 2022

Numerous instances of the Regional Scrum Gathering®, supported by Scrum Alliance, take place around the Globe every year. South Africa’s event has been running for over ten years. It enjoys a reputation for being an excellent opportunity to learn and to connect with the local Agile and Scrum community; making it a popular, highly anticipated event in the calendar.

We are currently looking for speakers to present talks and workshops that welcome change in our community of Agilists.

If you are interested in being a speaker, please check out our Call for Papers information page to submit your inspirational talks aligned to our theme of Welcome Change.

All accepted speakers and co-speakers will be eligible for a ticket to attend the full conference. We have a generous travel and accommodation policy, detailed in our Speaker Terms and Conditions below.

Ready to submit? Propose your session in our Call for Paper tool below!

Call for Papers - Welcome Change

As Heraclitus, the famous Greek philosopher said, “The only thing constant in life is change.” This is something we can all relate to in our current work circumstances, yet there are so many uncertainties, and sometimes fear, around change.

How do we support the radical impact of change on the people in organisations? What do we need to nurture to scale Agile, as many companies are finding that aligning efforts are exceeding capacity?

How can we leverage practices that support Agile values and principles to build new habits that enable a new way of working on both team and organisational level? And while we focus on improving the speed at which we deliver, how do we know we’re building the right thing? What mindset, tools, or techniques will help us?

This year we’re looking for perspectives and insights that welcome change. We’d like to explore opposing positions, discover unexpected views and leave with a slightly more open, inclusive view of the world.

There is so much knowledge and wisdom in our community - we’re looking for speakers and attendees that will help us to create a conference which not only creates a safe space to learn but deep dives into what it means to welcome change as an Agilist.

We value:

  • New ideas over old content
  • Specific opinion over one-size-fits-all
  • Own experiences from the field over theory
  • Interactive sessions over sit-and-listen (but there’s room for both)

We want to be sure:

  • Your proposal supports our theme – Welcome Change – and that it contributes depth (or breadth) to the community’s discussions
  • You can comfortably deliver what you’re proposing, regardless of whether you are well known or a first-timer on the conference speaking scene
  • People will be excited and intrigued to attend your session
  • People will get something of value from the time spent in your session

You don’t need to achieve all the points above, but if you don’t hit at least a few of them, you need to give it more thought.

How to get rejected:
  • Include a same-old, same-old topic or approach (unless there’s a new twist or a truly deep experience base)
  • Include thinly-veiled (or unveiled) marketing or promotion of services
  • Your submission’s golden thread and “Why?” are difficult to follow or understand
  • It does not appear that an adequate level of effort was involved in your submission
  • Include specific personally-identifying information (name, company you work for) in the body of the submission – please do not do this – we follow a blind review and selection process (we hide names of people submitting in the system, so that the selection process is free from bias)
  • Your submission does not address any of the topic tracks outlined below
(Thanks to Let’s Test SA for inspiring us to clarify the CFP in this style)

In addition to the above guidelines, please take a look at two past examples of good submissions for a talk and workshop respectively.

Timeline (Central Africa Time UTC+2)

1 November 2021: Call for Paper opens!

15 December 2021 midnight : Closed for submissions - submissions cannot be edited thereafter

21 January 2022: Inform successful speakers.

31 January 2022: Finalise confirmed speaker list.

7 February 2022: Programme announced!

Our Topic Tracks

This year we have decided to not provide tracks, in order to be less restrictive. For every Gathering, we receive a broad variety of interesting topics, some not always fitting into the predefined tracks. In the spirit of welcoming change, we wanted to increase the diversity of submissions that make it into the program and allow you, the speaker, to share whatever you believe the attendees will find valuable.

Additional Information

(guidance for submitting a session)
A workshop versus a talk

A good guideline for a workshop is that the time you will be speaking needs to be 40% or less of the total session time, with the remainder of the time to be used for participant activities (doing an exercise or activity or interacting with other attendees). Workshops are typically 90 mins in length with talks being 45mins.

We pride ourselves on hosting a conference where all speakers respect each other, and the audience, allowing us to run on schedule.

A lightning talk

A lightning talk is short and punchy - just 15 minutes - including a quick intro from the room’s facilitator and any Q&A.

A lightning talk doesn’t need to offer a solution, it can be designed to start a conversation, spark ideas and get people thinking or it could be sharing something interesting you’ve experienced.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will update this section as more frequently asked questions arise.

How do I add another submission?
  • Select ‘My Events’ on your navigation bar/menu
  • Select ‘Submit more’ under the heading ‘Sessions”
Am I going to get feedback on my submission?
  • If you submit early in the process our review team will have time to read and provide comments. You may request feedback after the Programme has been announced.
  • We cannot guarantee that all submissions will have reviewer feedback during evaluation.